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      Jinan Quanyue CNC.actively explored the design of the vertical ring machine. Successfully absorbed the experience of foreign advanced technology. We developed a CNC ring machine and completed the trial production of aluminum alloy flange.
Aluminum alloy flanges, hub and ring forgings, as well as a variety of rare metal forgings, its profits look higher than ordinary carbon steel, market transparency, compression and increase profits. Reducing the processing allowance has always been the goal of forging enterprises; with the continuous improvement of material prices, talent recruitment faces many difficulties, economic benefits and management are no longer a single slogan, from production cost to efficiency, reducing human factors and improving the pass rate. More automated controls, more accurate calculations, measurement and control of the one-sided machining allowances of equipment manufacturers have placed more demands on them.

Aluminum alloy flange let vertical ring rolling machine meet a new development chance acknowledgments: Thanks for Shaanxi Tenglong forging machinery co., LTD.

                                                                             Jinan Quanyue CNC.

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