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       rings rolling machine-four working station

KFRW t400  Multi-spindle rings rolling machine

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KFRW t400  Multi-spindle rings rolling machine
l         Purpose – bearing rings blanks hot rolling.
l         Blanks material – bearing steels ШХ15СГ、ШХ4 GOST 801-78 、GOST 801-78、GCr15、GCr15SiMn、GCr4、GCr15SiMo、GCr18MoG20CrMo、G20CrNiMo、G20CrNi2Mo、G20Cr2Ni4、G10CrNi3Mo、G20Cr2Mn2Mo。
l         Metal temperature before rolling - 1000-1100 оС 
l         Location of rolls axes – vertical, number of inner rolls – not less than 4.
l         Loading/unloading of parts – manual
l         Rolling accuracy – variability of sizes (tolerance) under control diameter and end-faces – not more than 1,5 mm 
l         Main motion drive – electric.
l         Power supply requirements - АС 380 В +/-10 %, three phases, 50 Hz.
Rings parameters after rolling
Controlled parameters Size tolerance, mm
Variation in wall thickness, not more 1,2
Ovality and conicity of outer surface 1.5
Ovality and conicity of inner surface 2.5
Forging width variation  1.5
Circular burr in axial direction width not more 2.0
Circular burr in radial direction width not more 2.0
Ends gradation and concavity from minimum size, not more 0,8
Underfill in angles with radius R not more 6,0
Surface defects of forging character, depth of marks on the outer surface fromminimum size, not more (GOST 8479-70) 0.5
Surface defects of forging character, depth of marks on the inner surface fromminimum size, not more (GOST 8479-70) 0.5
Surface defects of forging character, depth of marks on width from minimumsize, not more {GOST 8479-70) 0.7
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